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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Poker Night?

I love the idea of having a casino themed function, what do I do now?

We love to play poker, but can't deal! Is that ok?

I want to have a function, but don't have a venue. Can Poker Night organise one for me?

I love Pub Poker - can I have my own poker night based on that?

Are there different types of Poker tournament structures available?

I prefer other variants of poker to Texas Hold 'em. Can Poker Night cater for these games too?

I want a casino themed function, but we don't like poker. What other games can we have?

Can I pick and choose the games we have?

Does Poker Night do all the set up?

Will there be someone overseeing the function?

We want to play casino games, but don't know the rules? Can Poker Night help?

Can Poker Night help with fancy dress and room themes?